Are You Getting Tired of Your Old Kitchen?

Are You Getting Tired of Your Old Kitchen?

Schedule a kitchen remodel in Lincoln, IL and Logan County

Your kitchen is the central hub of your home. It's where you'll prepare and often eat meals with your family, visit with guests and make new culinary creations. ProCore Contractors wants to make sure you absolutely love your kitchen. That's why you should turn to us for your kitchen remodel in Lincoln, IL.

You can customize your kitchen remodel by:

  • Knocking out walls
  • Installing new cabinets and flooring
  • Replacing doors
  • Updating windows
  • Repainting the entire room

Don't spend any more time just thinking about your kitchen remodel-call 217-737-4379 now to get a free estimate on our kitchen remodeling services.

Turn your bathroom into a personal oasis

Your bathroom should be a place of peace, a refuge from a chaotic world. If your bathroom feels cramped or outdated, it can be hard to relax. You can depend on the experts at ProCore Contractors to handle your bathroom remodel and create the space you want.

Our team can completely redesign your bathroom by upgrading the fixtures and updating the layout to fit your vision. Reach out to us right now to set up a bathroom remodel design consultation in Lincoln, IL.